Collecting the evidence of making time for you

Collecting the evidence of making time for you

Does anyone else have fond memories growing up (or not-so-fond, that’s okay too!) of summer reading programs at the library? This was always a highlight of my summer, tracking books read and working towards winning a prize. I will admit as I got older and the books became longer it became a little less fun, but nonetheless I will always associate summer with these positive and playful memories of discovering new books.

So I was pretty excited when I recently came across these fun summer reading trackers.

Yes, they are designed for kids, but a little visual inspiration can be pretty good for us adults too! You can download and print them on regular size paper, or for a real treat, print them out on poster size paper.

And please know - you don’t have to just track reading! Use the tracker to inspire tracking of anything that adds to your self-care, which essentially means anything that makes you feel like you. Reading makes me feel like me, but for you it might be biking, or swimming, or gardening, or movie marathons, or anything else.

The point is to identify what speaks to you, and then do it! And have a little fun collecting the evidence that you made time for you.