No 'should-ing' on ourselves!

No 'should-ing' on ourselves!

Are you guilty of ’should-ing’ on yourself? Or it’s close cousin, ‘canning’ yourself?

For example:

*I should be able to figure out my self-care without any help.
*I should be able to see as many clients as my colleagues and not feel burned out.
*I shouldn’t have to spend money to learn how to address my self-care.
*I can manage without taking breaks.
*I can figure things out on my own.
*I can’t afford to take time out of my schedule to work on me or what might improve my well-being.

‘Should-ing’ on ourselves doesn’t feel particularly good, and yet we do it all the time.

Taking a mindful moment to connect with our wiser selves, here’s the actual truth:

*We all need help at times to get our self-care on track. And, self-care is so much more effective in a community of support.
*We each have a different tolerance for clinical work, and this can change from season to season. (especially when the season is COVID)
*Improving our self-care is one of the most valuable ways to spend our hard-earned money.
*No one can manage without taking breaks. (And we actually perform better when we take breaks.)
*It’s way more fun to figure things out with others.
*We can’t afford NOT to take time out of our schedule to work on ourselves. WE ARE our best tools.

If any of this resonates with you, please join us on Monday May 31st for our spring workshop!