How to succeed at burnout

How to succeed at burnout

Does it ever feel like the one thing you are doing a great job at is burning out??

We all know it's so important to take good care of ourselves, to stay engaged with our work, to connect with colleagues. And yet... even in normal times that can be tough! We've heard it referred to as a 'comprehension curse', which works like this: Because of years of training and education our brains become extremely good at processing information. As soon as we have an intellectual understanding of an idea (like self-care) our brain 'ticks that box' and then we are on to the next thing! We gain the concepts, but lack the implementation.

So we wanted to create a handy reminder for all of us of the simple ways we can 'lift the curse' and in fact implement all we know about self-care. Of course, with a little tongue-in-cheek twist! We welcome you to click on the image below to download it and save to your computer/phone, or print out, or even use as a wallpaper background on your phone! Please also feel free to share with your colleagues.

We sincerely hope we can all succeed a little less at burning out in the weeks to come!