How does 'us' and 'them' show up for you?

How does 'us' and 'them' show up for you?

Taking some time to pause...

Normally at the beginning of each month we send out our full newsletter, to help build community and offer resources for support and inspiration. We were about to do so this month, as usual, and then felt it was important to pause and reflect further on the issues of race which have exploded recently south of the border, but are so very relevant here in Canada as well. 

 So while we re-configure some of our newsletter content for later this month, we thought this post from Dr. Rick Hanson was very timely (even though it was written in 2019). 

 We hope it will help us all to reflect on any of the ways, subtle or not so subtle, that we might fall into the traps of 'us' and 'them'. 

 And, we hope, help us to reflect on ways that we can minimize our separateness from others - because connection with others will always serve our self-care.