Celebrating mental health week and micro self-care

Celebrating mental health week and micro self-care

The week of May 3 to 9, 2021 is officially recognized as Mental Health Week

Being mental health professionals, we are hopefully attending to our mental health every week. Of course, some weeks, and days, it is harder than others! 

That's why we like to emphasize the value of even 'micro self-care', meaning the small things we can do in just a minute or two to help ourselves to pause and reset.

To put a playful twist on our micro self-care activities: 

Remember making a 'paper fortune teller' in grade school? (AKA a 'cootie catcher'!) We've adapted the idea to create a fun little TGIF micro mental health break download. 

Feel free to print this out, fold it up, and pull it out whenever you need a quick break, but want to leave the decision making up to the universe! We also encourage you to use our template to create your own personalized version.