Let yourself be buoyant

Let yourself be buoyant

Most of us likely associate summer with visits to a lake, beach, swimming pool, or even memories of running through a sprinkler. Basically any means of cooling off with water.

Being in water can be such a lovely feeling. It can also unfortunately come with lots of discomfort, if someone has had negative experiences with the water or swimming. Not to mention the body image issues that so easily turn up when we contemplate wearing a bathing suit.

So while we recognize that water is not a feel-good place for everyone, if it ever has been enjoyable for you, we encourage you to give this a try:

The next time you find yourself in a body of water (even a bathtub will do!), see if you can tune into the sense of being buoyant.

Really allowing yourself to be held by the water. Letting it do the work of supporting your body and just resting in that space.

Not paying attention to how your bathing suit feels, or how cold the lake feels, or what you need to do when you get out of the water.

Just feeling the support the water has to offer.

We hope you will take the opportunity this month to let yourself be buoyant!