Look up!

Look up!

Smart phones have brought so much convenience to our lives. And of course so much distraction. We spend SO MUCH of our days with our gaze cast down towards our devices. Yet keeping our head down looking at a small inanimate object only about a foot away from us is not how human bodies and visual systems evolved!

What’s really fascinating is that when we look up – even simply towards the level of the horizon, never mind above our heads – our emotional perspective changes along with our visual perspective.

Try this at home: the next time you go for a walk, look up. 

Look up at the sky, look up at the clouds, look up at the sun (just not directly!), look up at the stars, look up at the moon, look up at the trees, look up at the birds, look up at the electricity wires, look up at the buildings, look up at the planes (there are some occasionally these days!).

Then pay attention to how this most likely feels pretty different from staring at a device or what you are usually noticing – if anything – when you are outside.

And then look up some more. :)