Reconnecting with play

Reconnecting with play

Even though play and creativity might not be the first types of activities we naturally think of when it comes to self-care, they have a very important role to play (no pun intended!). Incorporating more play and creativity can be key ways to put more of ourselves into our schedules.

We get however that it can be challenging to imagine what adult play might look like and how to even reconnect with playful and creative sides of ourselves.

One great way to do this is to think back to when we were kids. What did you most enjoy spending your time doing? Why? What are some ways that you could potentially incorporate some of your favourite childhood activities into your life now? (whether directly or in a modified way)

For some playful and creative inspiration pulled from elementary school, feel free to use our ‘All About Me’ handout.

And don’t become discouraged if nothing stands out at first - creativity and play are skills that need to be practiced, and most adults are just out of practice! So we encourage you to come back to this exercise a few times and see if something starts to percolate. Especially with summer on the horizon, we likely all have at least one great childhood memory we can all draw on to inspire a little more playfulness and thinking outside the box!

All About Me