Let's get messy!

Let's get messy!

How do you feel about getting messy?

And not just a little bit. Like, really messy?

If you are like most adults, your response is probably 'Ugh, I don't really want to clean up a mess'.

But think of everything we potentially miss out on when we are trying to avoid a 'mess': opportunities for play, light-heartedness, creative expression, curiosity, surprise, delight, insight, flow.

We know that 'getting messy' doesn't immediately feel like a form of self-care, and maybe even feels like a chore. And yet - what might happen if instead we viewed getting messy as a means to actually put more of ourselves into our days?

What might getting messy look like you ask? Here are just a few (non-intimidating!) ideas:

  • Digging in a garden
  • Trying a new hair colour
  • Taking out some old toys (kids not required!)
  • Doing a puzzle that can't be finished in one sitting
  • Starting a craft project without knowing for sure where it will lead
  • Experimenting with paint (on paper, walls, your nails, or even your skin!)

How can you get messy this week??