Sketching serenity

Sketching serenity

What are your between client sessions habits? (If you have any time between sessions, that is!)

Writing notes? Making phone calls? Checking email? Checking social media?

Going to the bathroom? Getting a drink or snack? Going for a short walk?

Closing your eyes? Taking some deep mindful breaths?

These are all valid options. But have you ever considered drawing?

Recently the Greater Good Science Center shared this ’sketching serenity’ practice (the webpage also includes links to a host of other ‘happiness break’ practices). It’s a mindful drawing exercise that you can do in only 2 minutes.

It’s as simple as it sounds - but potentially much more profound:

1) Grab some paper and a pen

2) Set a timer for 2 minutes

3) Ground yourself with a few mindful breaths

4) Look around your environment and draw anything that you see

5a) Tune into the physical sensations of drawing: your pen in your hand, the feel of the paper, the sound of the pen making marks on the paper, the visual lines of what you are looking at and drawing, etc.

5b) Perhaps the hardest part: notice any judgments that arise ("It's too messy", "not artistic enough", "I need to start over", etc.), simply let them be, and gently bring your attention back to the physical experience of drawing

6) When the time is up, reground yourself with a few breaths and notice how your body is feeling

7) Bonus: appreciate what you drew, in spite of all the judgments that likely showed up!

It’s so easy to get caught up in everything that we need to do and fit into our days. Sometimes slowing down and connecting differently with our environment can recharge us in surprising ways!

We hope you will give this a try and maybe even spark (or re-spark!) a more flexible and creative side of yourself.