Confessions of a Therapist - Part 2

Confessions of a Therapist - Part 2

Continuing the confession time theme:

A little over a year ago I signed up for a monthly membership for an online Pilates community. Month after month I paid the recurring subscription fee. But *maybe* used the membership two times in a year. (That is probably a generous estimate!) I really don’t know why I kept paying and not using the membership - I think it likely had something to do with a vague intention to eventually make use of it, as well as likely an urge to avoid facing the reality that I was spending money on something I wasn’t using. (So funny how we can do this to ourselves!)

At the end of the summer - spurred by my birthday - I decided why not just start using the membership and see what happens? To give myself a bit of a motivating challenge, I set a goal to see how many consecutive days of (very short) Pilates workouts I could do. Now at 70 plus days in (remember, these are short workouts, I’m no Pilates superstar), my day doesn’t feel complete without my workout. And more importantly I’ve shown myself that it was not only okay to face the discomfort but that it has led to a pretty neat outcome.

I’m sure no one else has unused memberships or exercise equipment lying around - but - just in case you can relate:  What have you been avoiding doing for yourself out of an urge to avoid facing discomfort? What is a small step you can take to face that discomfort and maybe even make it fun along the way?

To quote my virtual Pilates instructor:  Grace over guilt!