What's on your playlist?

What's on your playlist?

When I was growing up my grandparents had a dedicated ‘music room’ in their house. It was barely the size of a closet but seemed to my cousins and I to be this magical place filled with wonder.

Of course now music is continuously available to us on devices that can fit in our pocket. Despite how easily we can access music these days, and how we know the benefits of music from both research and personal experience, how often do we actually intentionally include music in the rhythm (pun intended!) of our days?

We encourage you to experiment this month with making your own self-care playlist. For some inspiration, start by answering these questions:

  • What songs did I love to listen to when I was younger?
  • What songs remind me of special times in my life?
  • What songs give me a sense of joy?
  • What songs give me a sense of peace?
  • What songs can I listen to on repeat and not get bored?
  • What songs make me just want to get up and dance?

Then use Google, YouTube, or Spotify to create and save your own playlist (even if it's just one song!), so you can hang out in your own special ‘music room’ any time you want!